I appreciate you taking the time to view The Clinical Recruiter’s website and I would like to extend to you a warm welcome. Whether you are looking for top talent, or to enhance your career through a new position, you have come to the right place.

The Clinical Recruiter was founded with the goal of bringing together healthcare organizations and qualified employees in order to create an optimal atmosphere for quality Patient care.

During the next 10 years, the need for qualified healthcare talent will increase dramatically as the baby boomer generation retires. This exodus of leadership in the healthcare environment will create opportunities as positions become open and healthcare needs increase.

The Clinical Recruiter functions in a two-fold manner. First, we operate as a search firm by working with employers to qualify and deliver top talent for their open positions. Our model is a partnership with shared information and open communication with the hiring managers, which allows us to deliver the exact match. Secondly, we act as a delegate for healthcare employees looking for new opportunities, discovering positions that meet the designated parameters of our candidates. Similar to a talent agent, we meet with the employee and find out what is important to them (location, wages, advancement opportunities, benefits, etc) and market them to prospective employers.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to view our website and I welcome any feedback or questions you may have about the process. I also invite you to take a look at our media resources that contain our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and to check out our social network--The Clinical Community. Working together, we can provide a place for employers and healthcare employees to come together to facilitate an atmosphere for great patient care.


Chris Monroe

Founder, CEO

The Clinical Recruiter

About Me

My name is Chris Monroe. I started my career in healthcare as a food service worker at the age of 19, while in Respiratory Therapy school. I worked as a Respiratory Therapist, Ancillary Development, Managed Care and ended as a Hospital CEO at 42. These 23 years provides me with a wealth of knowledge form both the clinical, financial and business side of the industry. I left my hospital career in 2007 when I saw a chance to open my own business as a hospital recruitment firm.

Working for basically two different companies I personally had a lot of loyalty to my employer and I saw a lot of colleagues/friends come and go. In truth when I was approached by outside recruiters, it shook me a little, I was turned off. I would think to myself…How dare you contact me, I love my company/job.

But little did I know at the time... All of my colleagues/friends that would float in and then leave in 3-4 years were getting paid substantially more and building a more dimensional view of healthcare. Every facility does things somewhat different and they were learning valuable skill sets by the exposure to different ideas.

The reality that I was undercompensated, it never really dawned on me until after I started my own company and transitioned into recruiting. I have spoken to countless professionals since I started recruiting and heard many like stories. My one take away from my own personal career is that you have to manage your own career. Let me help you take charge of your career!


I met Chris when he was CEO at Tempe St. Luke's in Tempe, AZ. Chris was one of the most effective CEO's I have ever dealt with. He brought our group into the hospital and worked closely with us to help achieve our objectives. He also assisted us in development of various programs within the hospital. Chris was well liked by physicians, staff and his colleagues. We were sorry to see him leave Tempe St. Luke's.”

Richard H. Demir, MD Desert Women's Care

During my tenure at Tempe St. Luke's Hospital I had the pleasure of working with Chris. Tempe was a hospital that was struggling at that time, both financially and operationally. Despite being a first-time CEO Chris correctly identified Quality as an area that needed immediate attention and he put his focus there initially, successfully navigating the facility back from an unfavorable JCAHO review to full accreditation. Chris has excellent people skills and had a talent for physician relations. Using these skills and talents he was then able to grow our surgical volume with existing surgeons as well as recruit new surgeons to our staff. As a result of Chris' efforts Tempe went from a money-losing facility to a profitable one. All of this was accomplished while maintaining good cost-controls and with a minimum of capital infusion. I consider that an impressive result given the brief time-frame in which it was accomplished.”

Cliff Loader, CFO Northern Arizona Healthcare

Chris has worked with me since February 2009 with his help in finding me a Director/Manager position of a Cardiac Catheterization Lab in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Arizona. I presently reside in New Jersey and this is the first time I have considered relocating and starting a new job in 22 years.

Not knowing the first thing of any of the hospitals or positions available to me of what I was looking for would of been impossible if it wasn't for Chris and his company; The Clinical Recruiter. His not only contacted almost immediately upon my first job search but checked to make sure the job was exactly what I was loking for and what his client was requesting of the applicant.

As I said this was the first time in 22 years of job searching and in 1987 there were very few firms that offered job search as you see in 2009. Chris took the time to explain to me the process of a recruiter and their job; of which I had no idea, and how it could benefit me in finding the perfect job.

Not only not looking for a job in 22 years, I haven't written a resume/CV in that time, something that I was a little rusty at. Chris took time out of his own personal time and phone calls to contact me at home and help to what I feel was the perfect resume.

If any is looking to relocate, change jobs or just looking to move up to a better position, I would highly recommend Chris Monroe. He makes one feel that he is more than a recruiter, he takes a personal interest in all his contacts and makes them feel that he is a friend also; I know I have. Please remember Chris Monroe @TheClinical Recruiters the next time you need help with or next or even your job.

Jim Marshman RT(R)CVT.”

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