At times, hospitals and healthcare providers need interim management or consulting services to provide leadership, seamless transitions and specialized services. The Clinical Recruiter has healthcare leaders who specialize in doing just that. Whether you need a Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Perioperative/Surgery, or a Financial Officer, you have turned to the right place.

Interim Services offers:

  • Seamless transition from one phase to the next.
  • Objective viewpoints from an industry specialist.
  • Turn-around Services to get the facility/department back on track.
  • Creation of Action Plans, Strategic Plans, or an Organizational Assessment.
  • Leadership in the absence of a permanent leader.

Ensuring the department/hospital direction’s mission to provide quality, cost-effective care.

Please call 800-568-0828 ext. 101 or click here to email a representative to answer any questions or for further assistance.