The Clinical Recruiter (TCR) is looking for highly motivated individuals with drive and ambition to join the team as Affiliates. The TCR Affiliate program is designed to offer a recruitment solution for most recruiters. The Affiliate program provides entry level positions all the way to franchise ownership.

There are four separate categories of the TCR Affiliate program:

  • Employed/Draw Recruiter - a recruiter that is paid a salary/draw and a percentage of the placement fee.  These recruiters work both sides of a desk as account managers and recruiters.
  • Franchise Owner - an individual or firm that has purchased a franchise from TCR. 
  • Split and Referral Partners - independent contractor or firm that has entered into a contractual relationship with TCR to share candidates or job orders.

The Clinical Recruiter provides Employed Recruiters and Franchise Owners with the latest in recruiting tools and educational material. The Clinical Recruiter’s innovative approach will support the efforts of a healthcare recruiter, leverage technology and streamline many of the non-revenue producing activities. This approach focuses recruiters on finding job orders and/or candidates.  TCR uses an innovative web presence and high-end communication media to network with our Split and Referral Partners.

Please call 800-568-0828 ext 101 or to email for assistance or to learn additional information.