When you choose a recruiter to represent your job search, you have many choices. Picking the wrong recruiter, especially in a confidential search, can be a tremendous liability. Here are some important facts about The Clinical Recruiter to help you determine that we are the right partner in your job search.

  • All of our Vice Presidents are supported by former clinicians who have worked their way up to hospital executive level, with 20 years of direct healthcare experience to rely on.
  • All candidates are approved and qualified by the Division Vice President's prior to being sent to a hiring manager.
  • All recruiters go through an 80 day recruiter training program in addition to healthcare position training and healthcare operations training.
  • All recruiters are trained on their specific healthcare disipline.
  • The Clinical Recruiter’s staff understands what you do; if not, they will ask the clarification questions to better understand your position. Understanding your role helps us ensure you are a fit and helps us explain why you are the best candidate!
  • Active Participation—members of our team stay active in local, regional, and national conferences to stay on top of industry trends in both healthcare and recruitment.
      • Membership in the Tennessee Association of Recruiters
      • Membership in the National Association of Personnel Services
      • American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)
      • Membership in Association of periOperative Registed Nurses (AORN)
      • Membership in Case Management Society of America (CMSA)
      • Membership in American Case Management Association
      • Membership in Emergency Nursing Association